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Welcome to Reliquia Wiki!

Welcome to the Reliquia Wiki!

Hello and welcome to the Reliquia Wiki!

Everywhere is the same... blah blah blah join our server blah blah blah we have this and that blah blah blah...

We say: Stop that boring crap!

Reliquia has everything you need in Minecraft: A great mod/admin team that works (and plays) together with the community, PvP-Map, Towny, Show-Map, a unique Adventure-Map (designed by one of our own moderators), Monthly Community Events, and more!

Just take a look at our server and if you don't like it, then you can go back to reading the long texts from the other servers (which we too, could write as beautifully as they have ^^)

Greetings from Reliquia!

Server IP:

Teamspeak server:

Facebook page:

Places you can vote for the server:

You recieve 10 coins for each vote :)

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