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Island of beauty.

New Kristiania

  • Nation: Danu
  • Leader: xDANZIx
  • Assistants: MrKaramal, TehFanzy, MrSeigmann & MortyMusPrime
  • Buildstyle: Norse/Nordic

Location and Facts[]

On a small peaceful island in the western region of Reliquia, there is a Nordic village, cut off from the rest of the world. The people have all they

Dynamic Map Of New-Kristiania

need to survive; shops, a mill, a church and even a pumpkin farm.

The number of inhabitants are slowly increasing. All our citizens are Scandinavian and proud of it, so if you are Scandinavian on this server and want to join the biggest Scandinavian community in Reliquia, just ask the mayor or one of his assistants.